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Biopipe is a group of passionate entrepreneurs who developed the world’s first biological wastewater treatment pipe. Biopipe, a patented, and one-of-its-kind wastewater treatment system, is “inspired by nature,” and treats wastewater biologically without any chemicals.

Biopipe was established in 2014 and is rapidly emerging as a disruptor in the sewage wastewater treatment industry. . After years of R&D process, we have developed a biomimetic process that is versatile, fully automated, sustainable, eco-friendly and cost effective. Biopipe is now being deployed around the world.

Biopipe is the world’s first biological wastewater treatment system where the process takes place entirely inside a series of pipes. Biopipe is internationally protected with patents and since its introduction, it has been very well received and widely acknowledged with a global installed base. Biopipe system is delivered to customers as pre-assembled or plug and play unit. In addition to providing quality equipment, Biopipe prides itself for outstanding customer service and technical assistance.