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Biopipe is a group of passionate entrepreneurs who developed the world’s first biological wastewater treatment pipe. Biopipe, a patented, and one-of-its-kind wastewater treatment system, is “inspired by nature,” and treats wastewater biologically without any chemicals.

Biopipe was established in 2014 is now one of the leading company in sewage water treatment technology. Our R&D process took many years to be the all respects in perfection and now we are very proud to give the best services all around the world. Biopipe has a total impact on all the process of treatment and aims to treat wastewater almost total of percentage. The unique-simple technology provided by our bio bacteria which is well-known environmental friendly. Our purpose is to be a leader in the wastewater treatment industry. The team of Biopipe experts are unique in the wastewater treatment industry and ready to serve all the customer satisfaction. We believe in treating our customers with respect, faith and grow through environmental friendly, sustainable and innovative. Our diversity is suitable for everyone while there was no sustainable wastewater system and also the most environmental friendly wastewater treatment system in the world. As a growing company, our aim to expand our market as fast as possible, to save water for the nature and the future as a game changer.