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Our History

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Research and development process has begun.

Environmental Technologies Inc. has founded, Istanbul/TURKEY

“Enes Kutluca, the inventor of Biopipe, started all this with a simple dream of making wastewater treatment simple, affordable and close to nature’s processes... and started his R&D process. It took a few years.”


Enes Kutluca and Enver Mısırlı became a partner and established Biopipe AG in Zurich, Switzerland and Biopipe TR in Istanbul, Turkey. This move, along with securing a number of significant projects in Turkey, helped give the biological wastewater treatment startup its early traction.

“Enes Kutluca and Enver Mısırlı commercialized the product as Biopipe! They worked really hard to expand the business very fast and had an investment from a Swiss Company called SGEK.”


Entered into MENA and established Biopipe DMCC in Dubai, UAE.

“Following a stream of successes for Turkish originated Biopipe team and after being acclaimed as one of the most successful projects of the recent years and awarded international arena.”


Signed an exclusive agreement with Metito which is acquired a wealth of experience since its founding back in 1958 with the Group providing customized, comprehensive and advanced solutions across the full spectrum of its industry, from clean to dirty water, for the municipal, industrial, and oil and gas sectors.

“Metito offers the system exclusively in Asia and Africa after signing a joint venture and exclusive license agreement with Biopipe. The technology licensing and joint venture agreement provides Metito, an exclusive right to use and commercialise in Africa and Asia region.”


Biopipe is the most environmental wastewater treatment system that is inspired by nature and the only sewage treatment pipe.

“Biopipe also seeks the new opportunities to bring the system to the best of wastewater treatment, recycling and reuse!”