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Metito is the largest Middle-Eastern based privately owned specialized water and wastewater treatment company.

The Global Headquarters of the company is located in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, Metito installed thousands of water systems around the world in a myriad of geographic locations including the Far East, Middle East, Africa and South America.

Metito commits to a sustainable environment by providing effective water management and treatment systems, reconciling the ever growing demand for water and its dwindling natural resources.

Metito is the leading provider of choice for total intelligent water management solutions in the emerging markets with operations covering three business areas: design and build, chemicals, and utilities.

Having acquired a wealth of experience since its founding back in 1958, the Group provides world-class quality customized, comprehensive and advanced solutions across the full spectrum of its industry, from clean to dirty water, for the municipal, industrial, and oil and gas sectors.

Now, Metito and Biopipe has signed a joint venture and through this agreement, Metito offers the system exclusively in Asia and Africa.

“One of the standout technologies which marked this push by Metito is Biopipe. A very exciting technology developed by young Turkish entrepreneurs whose sole ambition was to create something to ‘make a difference’. They did just that. They came up with the world’s first biological wastewater treatment solution fully contained in a pipe; the patented Biopipe. The possibilities and applications for Biopipe are myriad, and Metito saw the potential to further invest in the technology, and to mutually develop it to enhance its use in emerging markets, across wider applications. Metito signed an exclusive development and commercialization deal for Biopipe in Africa and Asia, and already the solution has made waves in the market and through to be a ‘game changer’ by many experts. The fact it creates no sludge, no waste, no noise and no odour and only output is clean water that can be used for applications like irrigation, farming or aquifer injection coupled with the fact it is a very flexible and scalable technology makes it a viable eco-friendly proposition for everyone from individual households to cities of millions.” said Mutaz Ghandour, Metito Chairman & CEO.