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Metito Labor Camp in Doha, Qatar.

Treatment of domestic wastewater in labor camp.

  • Project Size
  • Project Location
  • 100m³/day – 200 person/day
  • Doha / QATAR

Metito Labor Camp in Doha, Qatar.

With the strategic Joint Venture and License Agreement in Asia and Africa between Biopipe and Metito, the first Biopipe order came from our partner to work as a perfect solution in treating the wastewater in one of Metito’s labor camp in Doha, Qatar. In addition, Biopipe 100m3/d biological wastewater treatment plant will be a solid reference in the region to showcase the product and prove its efficiency in the market. In addition, the plant is the first joint project between Biopipe and Metito. Additionally, it had an important part in endorsing the transfer of the know-how of the technology to Metito.

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