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Tarakli Thermal Hotel & Project

Treatment of domestic wastewater in hotel & shopping mall & houses

  • Project Size
  • Project Location
  • 350m³/day – 3500 person/day
  • Sakarya / TURKEY

Tarakli Thermal Hotel & Project

Taraklı Thermal is establised under Askarya Investement Corp. On 2011 after two years feasibility. Taraklı Thermal is projected on 100000 m2 region and is composed of 60 blocks ( 1300 chamber ), 31200 chamber – otel room, 1900 person / capacity total conference hall, thermal pools and pools. In two years, hospital will be also merged. Their one of the major problem is the lack of infrastructure and a excessive landspace area. Treatment is a ‘must’ without any more operation and waste management cost. Biopipe’s solution is treat all domestic wastewater and capability of using treated water in landspace and discharge it.

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